Saturday, 30 June 2012

Art of life...

Mont Blanc and red leaf...
Mont Blanc is art of writing your life and red is art of feeling stronger in life and yet a book binding is a combination of skill and creativity. It is happiness!
A ribbon...i like it much!
Kettle stitch. and fly..
Orange butterfly...ouchh!

Lace and embroidery...

A ribbon is from Body Shop...i should tell Loshini or Saasanii from Body Shop to visit me here...hehe
I have a strong ethusiast towards lace, embroidery, ribbon and beautiful fabric..i remember...14 yrs back...i bought two metres of French lace for my wedding dress...RM450 for two metres and wore it for majlis bertandang only. Just once and after that, it hanged in a wardrobe till now.
Ribbon was recycle from Body Shop...
Fabric: Recycle from Kak Ita @ Saz Fashion, Medan Mara.
Ribbon: Recycle ribbon from Body Shop

Blue cool...

The accesories is from a second hand shawl. I decided to recycle their accesories here.
Coptic binding stitch...
Blue...often make me see above up in the sky...and the words that blue is always make me feeling's like a cotton candy in a white paper...during my childhood in kampung ..emak likes to buy cotton candy when we went to visit funfair. The other thing that i always asked emak to buy was a balloon. Both cotton candy and balloon really inspired me to be a behave kiddy but now i know all my nieces and nephews were not allowed to eat cotton candy because of the sweetness...sigh!
A scond hand accesories..took it from old shawl..don't want to wear it i better recycle it as apart of craft thing..
I never plan to create like came instantly when i sat down in a work station. One by one or step by step...and within two hours...the book is ready. This is a best therapeutic for me. Sewing, stitching, cutting or else crafting are my task. If you give me a task like secretary...arghhh i die but if you lock me in a paper factory or craft store..ok im alive!
Sorry for a bad quality pic.
Fabrick: Gill Quilt Shop, Bangsar Village.
Size: Medium/A5
Ribbon: Satin type.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Giraffe printed..

The remnant of the paper fabrik...reall worth for keep it for a long time ago. The quality is still absolutely great! A small piece ot it and i patch with double sided tape to make it large..
As i mention earlier...i did paper, save nature..and save every single thing if i think i can recycle it. Don't know yet what can i do with a piece of paper, or ribbon or file that was given to me before..but after a month or year in the store..the idea came and i will not delay to be in a work station.
Can you see the stripe dark line? That was a violet ribbon. Use it as an accesories to cover the patch line of the paper fabric..hmmm quite good. Ok at least look perfect from far but if you scrutiny it..ahhhaaa im pretty sure it's not perfect at all...who cares. I don't...
The giraffe printed motif given to me long time ago. If im not mistaken, colleague gave it since 2003 and i keep it proper, put it in plastic to cover from dust. The material is like paper fabric violet, hard to crimple. Actually it was a file with Animal Planet promotion.  I did a box before and the remnant goes to my book binding.
An owl, my sweet little bronze motif..o yeahh the kettle stich also not perfect and too much mistake. Pink and orange..bad combination but it's ok for me because the book is not for will be my personal collection...and will give it to anyone who os lucky...orang kata barang yang kita sayang itulah yang baik diberikan kepada orang lain...
An owl on a giraffe printed motif..
See...the stitch is not perfect..
Another angle...
Book and box..both from recycle paper...can yo see the Animal Planet logo? An elephant..

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lace cover..

The red bead..make it look great!
A lace from remnant..Kak Ita, a tailor at Pertama Kompleks gave it to me long time ago and i still it because it is too beautiful to waste..
I mix the colour paper..

Another angle of the book. The red small accesories is from Zenith Divas..

A colour of life..

I recycle the ribbon. Montblanc ribbon..the small one is using gift wrapper from Give Shop @ KLCC.
I made this for friend of mine...he likes to see it in cimbonation colour. His text: Shasha can i have black and colour of life? And i definitely replied: YES dear!

Kettle stitch binding too...

An owl..

During my childhood..when emak  told me about an owl..i understand that the bird is a ghost bird but now it turn cute and no more scary about it..
 I like an is super duper also has his own character. We basically thought that owl is apart of horror bird, but actually owl is billiant and awesome because his vision is 360 degree!
Coptic binding..

Chrysanthemum motif...

Green is among my fav colour...
 I love this colour...and the motif is chinese crysanthemum flower..very strong characer of it..

Kettle Stitch...
 At the back is Dodo from Dodo Handcraft...

I did it!

I did it...yay!

That is the books...first time attending the workshop. I did it! It is worth for the whole day class with them..

Can you see the different of bind?

Cert of book binding...

The certificate given by Syam, the teacher who teach me a method of book binding...
 I got this certificate during attending a book binding workshop by little syam at Steve Craft Shop. It was fun and lovely. I learned three step of how to bind a book..and really apreciate the moment. It brought me to another space which i entered now..first i thought i want to erase my name and i did hide with spray..sigh! When i do this entry, i can't find the real pic of it. My cert proved that im her students no 391. Thank you teacher...

Welcome to the Frangipani Art Zone

Frangipani, unique and versatile...
What is FAZ? It is Frangipani Art Zone!

Why frangipani? Because i like the shape and figure of it eventhought they said that frangipani is a cemetery flower and only suit with that is wrong. Frangipani often remind me to the childhood moment that i was grown before in a place call Pengkalan Kubur...somewhere in East Coast.

Ok, anyway i purposely create this blog for my sake of art and anything related of it, anything recycle and anything can give us benefit from the recycle things due to my respect of nature and of coz my life! I love nature and i love art and yet it is ensemble of who i am. I'll do it on my own matter small or big is my effort, at least i do...