Thursday 16 May 2013

More vibrant...

Its been awhile since my last entry was Disember last year. Im busy bee and hectic schedule made me forgot about this quiete blog. Yeah..this is my secretive hobby and ill do it when im really free and have ample time because when you dealing with creativiti (paper, fabric, ribbon paste etc) you need passion on that.

Here is a few sample of hand made book binding You can choose any one you like and dont forget to email me at

Monday 19 November 2012


An owl..

Hey tell you what, owl is among the cutest bird on earth eventho some thought that it was a mystery bird...??

Red and black...

Im not promoting British..i just like the and black..

Paris here i come..

They said Paris is a city of love? Is it? If you say so, why don't you make a journal of life in Paris @ French stitch bookbinding..


Cupcake..nice to see, nice to eat..if u love it, order it now!


Balloon...i like it during kids time..till now i like balloon...