Monday, 19 November 2012


An owl..

Hey tell you what, owl is among the cutest bird on earth eventho some thought that it was a mystery bird...??

Red and black...

Im not promoting British..i just like the and black..

Paris here i come..

They said Paris is a city of love? Is it? If you say so, why don't you make a journal of life in Paris @ French stitch bookbinding..


Cupcake..nice to see, nice to eat..if u love it, order it now!


Balloon...i like it during kids time..till now i like balloon...

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cross Stitch Series

Its been awhile since my last update..too little time, too many things..running out of time in office, to make a big decision in life and coop with Aidilfitri spirit..everything came accross my mind. With my hands and less effort (didn't mean to blame fasting), i spend my weekend to do the thing that i like most. Cross stitch and binding..every stitch was like i stitched a pain in life..and stitch is healing..the pain disolve slowly when i finished my last stitch.
Im not sure what kinda motif it is..i just stitch..
I hope you like it...a colour combination of red and orange for a butterfly stitch...
Size comparation..A5 size...
A house and tree...
Book binding with butterfly stitch
A4 and A5 size..both in cross stitch series...and an owl is always there...:)
Guess what is the motif?
Sold out!!! But you can order if u me @

Friday, 13 July 2012

Dark blue...

Fabric: Handwoven/dark blue songket
Size: Large / A5
Page: 168 pages
Do pm me if interesed.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wrap in lime green..

Book binding wrap in lime green handwoven fabric...

Fabric: Handwoven/songket
Size: Medium
Page: 168 pages
Do pm me if interesed.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Variety of colour..

Turquoise, royal blue and lime green songket..all taken yesterday.
Met someone yesterday...she took 2 books and another friend order 20 books in songket cover. That is great but it is chalenging for me because i never do it a lot in one short. First of all, i need to find a red and purple songket. The more colour is the merrier variety. I hope she will like it and appreciate my effort. Its not about the price, but its about passion and pleasure of sewing, stitching and when the idea came over..i don't care!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Kettle's not perfect at all but it mark this is handmade book binding...
Handwoven fabrics, tenun songket is always being a passion for a designer who's appreciate our Malay heritage and culture. Songket is evergreen, wherever you go, songket is the most ultimate beautiful fabric and it ensemble of our Malay Royal. If im not mistaken, certain royal family has their own colour to remark their family. Perak is yellow and sometimes i saw them in light purple or lilac while Pahang is often in green. Well, they can wear any colour, any motif even any types of songket. We have many types such as corak bunga tabur or bunga penuh.
Few years back, i met our fabric specialise cum budayawan, Mak Ungku or Azah Aziz at her residence in PJ to talk about songket. She told me how to preseve songket to make it long last. We can't fold it because it may cause the benang emas damage. The best way is hang it or roll it.
Elastic bend shocking pink..electic!
When we talk about songket too...we can see some couple wear it during their wedding day, for akad nikah ceremony or bertandang and some other reservation.
Songket with pucuk rebung berjuang and bunga tampuk manggis..we have a lot of motif in Malay world such as awan larat, potong wajik, pucuk rebung, bunga cengkih etc...
I have my collection. eventhought it's not expensive but as Malay lady and appreciate the handwoven fabric, i bought it and studied about it. It is special, beautiful and very exclusive on its own way. At least, we must have a piece of it in our wardrobe.
Do pm me or buzz me if u interested to buy this kinda series...Songket series...will update more during this weekend...

Fabric: Songket
Size: Medium
Stitch: Kettle stitch
Price: RM50

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Art of life...

Mont Blanc and red leaf...
Mont Blanc is art of writing your life and red is art of feeling stronger in life and yet a book binding is a combination of skill and creativity. It is happiness!
A ribbon...i like it much!
Kettle stitch. and fly..
Orange butterfly...ouchh!