Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cross Stitch Series

Its been awhile since my last update..too little time, too many things..running out of time in office, to make a big decision in life and coop with Aidilfitri spirit..everything came accross my mind. With my hands and less effort (didn't mean to blame fasting), i spend my weekend to do the thing that i like most. Cross stitch and binding..every stitch was like i stitched a pain in life..and stitch is healing..the pain disolve slowly when i finished my last stitch.
Im not sure what kinda motif it is..i just stitch..
I hope you like it...a colour combination of red and orange for a butterfly stitch...
Size comparation..A5 size...
A house and tree...
Book binding with butterfly stitch
A4 and A5 size..both in cross stitch series...and an owl is always there...:)
Guess what is the motif?
Sold out!!! But you can order if u me @